Who dated Veit Harlan?

Krystyna Żywulska dated Veit Harlan from ? to 1964

Veit Harlan

Veit Harlan

Veit Harlan (22 September 1899 – 13 April 1964) was a German film director and actor. Harlan reached the highpoint of his career as a director under the Nazi era, especially his antisemitic film Jud Süß (1940) makes him controversial. While viewed critically for his ideologies, a number of critics consider him a capable director on the grounds of such work as his Opfergang (1944).


Krystyna Żywulska

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Krystyna Żywulska, Pseudonym von (Sonia) Landau, (geboren am 1. September 1914 in Łódź, Russisches Kaiserreich; gestorben am 1. August 1993 in Düsseldorf) war eine polnische Schriftstellerin, Widerstandskämpferin und Auschwitzüberlebende.


Children of Veit Harlan and their partners: