Who dated João Fernandes (explorer)?

Chica da Silva dated João Fernandes (explorer) from ? to ?

João Fernandes (explorer)

João Fernandes (Portuguese pronunciation: [ʒuˈɐ̃w̃ fɨɾˈnɐ̃ðɨʃ]) (John, Joam) (not to be confused with João Fernandes Lavrador) was a Portuguese explorer of the 15th century. He was perhaps the earliest of modern explorers in the upland of West Africa, and a pioneer of the European slave- and gold-trade of Guinea.


Chica da Silva

Francisca da Silva de Oliveira (c. 1732 – 1796), known in history by the name Chica da Silva whose romanticized version/character is also known by the spelling Xica da Silva was a Brazilian woman who became famous for becoming rich and powerful despite having been born into slavery. Her life has been a source of inspiration for many works in television, films, music, theater and literature. She is popularly known as the slave who became a queen. The myth of Chica da Silva is often conflated with the historical accounts of Francisca da Silva de Oliveira.