Who dated Ferdinand I of Naples?

Diana Guardato dated Ferdinand I of Naples from ? to ?

Ferdinand I of Naples

Ferdinand I of Naples
Ferdinand I of Naples should not be confused with Ferdinand I of the Two Sicilies, a later king of Naples.

Ferdinand I (2 June 1423 – 25 January 1494), also called Ferrante, was the King of Naples from 1458 to 1494. He was the son of Alfonso V of Aragon and his mistress, Giraldona Carlino.


Diana Guardato

Diana Guardato was a member of the aristocratic Patrician Guardato family, and had three children with King Ferdinand I:

  • Ferdinando d' Aragona y Guardato, 1st Duke of Montalto, who married 1st, Anna Sanseverino, 2nd, Castellana de Cardona
  • Maria d'Aragona, who married Antonio Todeschini Piccolomini, Duke of Amalfi, a nephew of Pope Pius II and brother of Pope Pius III.
  • Giovanna d' Aragona, who married Leonardo della Rovere, Duke of Arce and Sora, a nephew of Pope Sixtus IV and brother of Pope Julius II.

Diana Guardato is the 16th-Great Grandmother of His Royal Highness Albert II of Belgium, 15th-Great Grandmother of His Majesty Juan Carlos I of Spain, 17th-Great Grandmother of Philippe of Belgium, 14th-Great Grandmother of His Majesty Manuel II of Portugal, 16th-Great Grandmother of Grand Duke Henri, as well as many others.


Mother of Ferdinand I of Naples and her partners: